Map Your Destiny with Astrocartography

What's included in this course?

  • Interpretation

    Ten video lessons on understanding and interpreting your own or any Astrocartography map, with quizzes to enhance your learning.

  • Application

    Five additional video lessons with practical application including common planetary formations and alignments and how they unfold in real lives.

  • Private Session

    Optional 30 min Mini Session with Elizabeth over Skype or phone to explore your learning as it applies to your unique map. Additional fee applies.

Map Your Destiny

What is Astrocartography?

  • Just as astrology projects your birth information onto a round map of the sky revealing the celestial picture at the moment of birth, Astrocartography projects your birth information onto a map of the globe to reveal where on the Earth those individual influences are likely to manifest most strongly. The map creates a window of foresight into your most and least likely locations for love, wealth, health and so much more.

  • This uniquely empowering life tool also illuminates the astrological influences that get activated in our lives from around the world no matter where we currently are, when we spend significant time with someone born in another location, interact with objects or events that originate there or interact remotely with a person or activity currently located there.

  • Using this powerful tool, you can begin to assess and predict what the areas of ease and difficulty will be wherever you go. You become empowered to manage your current experiences and relationships more effectively as well as find the best, and avoid the worst, places to relocate, travel, invest, heal, market goods or services, gain visibility in the public eye, and thrive emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

About Elizabeth

With more than 36 years experience, master astrologer and astrocartography expert Elizabeth Smith is a gifted counselor and seasoned speaker with a passion for facilitating liberation with this life-changing knowledge. She learned her stellar craft from the greats of the astrological world: Isabel Hickey, Jim Lewis, Liz Greene and Robert Pelletier as well as through direct transmissions from the natural world while dwelling in deep communion with the elements for nineteen years. Through an integrated understanding of people and planets, her private consultations and dynamic group workshops invoke inspiration, clarity and healing of mind, body and spirit for clients and students from around the globe.
Elizabeth Smith, a woman with short silver hair, smiles knowingly at the camera in a purple shirt with a green nature background.
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Map Your Destiny with Astrocartography

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